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Hanging Airplanes & Drones – Past and Present


by Travis Normand

I wanted to share this as I thought it was an interesting distinction between past and present methods of warfare.

When I was a kid, I thought the coolest fighter planes were the P-38 and the F-16.  However, my high opinion of these two aircrafts probably had something to do with my grandfather’s influence.

My paternal grandfather served in WWII (U.S. Army), was stationed in Europe, and had worked on P-38s during the war.  It is no surprise that he told me that the P-38 was probably the “best of the best!”    After the war, my grandfather attended Texas A&M where he earned his engineering degree and later helped develop the F-16.  Again, it’s no coincidence that I grew up thinking the F-16 was on par with the P-38.

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The opposite of peace is chaos, not war.

by Travis Normand

I stumbled upon the following quote and thought it was highly relevant to the study of the LOAC.

[Emphasis Added]

This week I have been doing some reading for a class I’m taking at ESR called Images of God. While studying the image of God as Warrior my class read an article by an Old Testament professor at Harvard, Paul Hanson, who wrote about the concept of Peace as Shalom in the early Old Testament. This concept doesn’t translate directly into the way we use the English version of it. Hanson said many interesting things -among them that the opposite of peace is not war. It is chaos. Webster’s Dictionary gives a definition of “chaos” as a word that means the disorder of formless matter and infinite space. Hanson described the ancient Israelites sharing with their neighbors over the cook pot, their basic view that the world was situated precariously between order and chaos. Order is defined as a life-enhancing condition which the creator God maintains by holding the unruly forces of chaos in check. [1]

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Targeted Killings of Americans: Three Things to Know [CFR.org]

by Travis Normand

The following video and article were originally created and posted by CFR.org.  You can visit their site HERE.

As for the three points discussed by Matthew C. Waxman (in the following video), I think the first point is the most important. After all, whether or not the U.S. is at war determines if the LOAC paradigm is applicable to the situation.

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by Travis Normand

I have posted before that I would share any links that I found to be particularly interesting.  After all, I add so many links to the left hand column of this blog, that I have no doubt many of them go unnoticed.  However, I recently stumbled upon a very interesting and informative site titled JustWarTheory.com.  It is a simplistic site, but is full of information and links to sources and scholarly material.  It is worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

You can find the site by clicking HERE, or going to JustWarTheory.com.

Here is the header from the JustWarTheory.com site:

JustWarTheory.com is a free, non-profit, critically annotated aid to philosophical studies of warfare. It is owned and maintained by Mark Rigstad, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Oakland University (a “Military Friendly School”) that offers in-state tuition to all U.S. military veterans. It is supported through the sale of JWT-shirts. All profits (if any) go to UNICEF.


Pentagon to Award Medals for Drone Strikes

Distinguished Warfare Medal-17K

This image released by the Department of Defense shows the . . . newly announced Distinguished Warefare Medal. The Pentagon is creating the new medal that can be awarded to troops who have a direct impact on combat operations but do it from afar. The medal will be awarded to individuals for “extraordinary achievement” related to a military operation. (AP Photo/Department of Defense)Link to source

Click HERE to see enlarged photo of medal.

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DOJ “white paper” memo provides legal justification for drone strikes against US citizens

by Travis Normand

Reaper UAV Taxis at Kandahar Airfield

Here is a link to the memo that was obtained by NBC.com, as well as the accompanying story that NBC posted.