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Hanging Airplanes & Drones – Past and Present


by Travis Normand

I wanted to share this as I thought it was an interesting distinction between past and present methods of warfare.

When I was a kid, I thought the coolest fighter planes were the P-38 and the F-16.  However, my high opinion of these two aircrafts probably had something to do with my grandfather’s influence.

My paternal grandfather served in WWII (U.S. Army), was stationed in Europe, and had worked on P-38s during the war.  It is no surprise that he told me that the P-38 was probably the “best of the best!”    After the war, my grandfather attended Texas A&M where he earned his engineering degree and later helped develop the F-16.  Again, it’s no coincidence that I grew up thinking the F-16 was on par with the P-38.

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