The Use of Drones for Targeted Killings – A Decade Behind Us, A Decade to Go?

by Jessica Poarch

“What was once considered an immediate response to an exceptional threat to the United States is now a permanent and institutionalized feature of U.S. foreign policy. Perhaps by November 3, 2022, policymakers and the American people will have noticed.” ~ Micah Zenko (30 October 2012)

In his report to Foreign Policy, Micah Zenko reminds us that November 3rd marks the 10th Anniversary of U.S. use of Drones for Targeted Killings in the War on Terror – what he terms “America’s Third War.” He shows that this program has largely expanded over the last decade and argues that, unlike the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no sign that it will be discontinued in the near future.

You can read the entire article here

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