LOACBlog.com listed on State Bar of Texas’ website

by Travis Normand

I was informed today that the State Bar of Texas has listed the LOACBlog.com on the Texas law blog page of their website.  It is an honor to be included, and I would like to thank the State Bar of Texas for listing this site among so many other great legal blogs.

LOACBlog.com is one of 140 blogs that are listed on the website.  It can be found under the heading “International Law” and is currently the first, and only, international law blog listed!

You can see the entire list of blogs HERE.

The real irony here is that I once got “in trouble” at a law firm where I worked because they thought I had a blog.  At the time I didn’t have a blog but I had been thinking about starting LOACBlog.com as an outlet for my interest in the LOAC.  I wonder what these other attorneys will think when they see my blog listed on the Bar’s website?

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