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Army National Guard, 36th Infantry Division, Celebrates 100 Years

16406493_10155116963010864_6173179219953167927_nby Travis Normand
April 2017

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Army National Guard’s 36th Infantry Division (Texas), I am working on a short post that contains pieces from this units history.


Trivia Question: What was the first U.S. Army unit to land on mainland Europe during World War II?

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My Lai (49 years ago today)

by Travis Normand
March 16, 2017

On this day in 1968 (March 16), Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson turned his helicopter’s guns on fellow U.S. troops in order to stop the My Lai Massacre.

I truly believe that one cannot fully understand or implement the LOAC without also having a firm grasp on history. For this reason, I recommend using (at the very least) the following links to familiarize yourself with what has been labeled the “My Lai Massacre.”