New from the ICRC

by Travis Normand

Two new features on the ICRC’s website.

While “How Does Law Protect in War? Online” contains a wealth of resources, references and cases supporting IHL teaching and is mainly aimed at academics, researchers and students, the “Online Training Centre” features e-learning modules on key principles of humanitarian law in eight steps, as well as two modules on the protection of the medical mission available free of charge to those seeking to develop their knowledge of IHL.

These two learning platforms are part of the ICRC’s efforts to revolutionize the way IHL is being taught and promoted. Indeed, humanitarian law is now more accessible and engaging than ever. In addition, these two platforms will be regularly updated. While new case studies allowing professors to ground their teaching in contemporary practice will be added each month to the platform, new modules will also be designed for the Online Training Centre, such as two foreseen modules on sexual violence in armed conflicts and on fundamental humanitarian principles.

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