[Blogs] The Drone Debate: A Call for More Information from the Executive Branch

Posted: March 8, 2013 by Jessica Poarch in LOAC, National Security, Targeted Killings

In my 2 November 2012, post I quoted Micah Zenko’s story on the usage of drones by the U.S.: “What was once considered an immediate response to an exceptional threat to the United States is now a permanent and institutionalized feature of U.S. foreign policy. Perhaps by November 3, 2022, policymakers and the American people will have noticed.”

It now seems that Congress has wised up a little sooner than expected. Although the debate over the use of drones has raged since the killing of American Citizen Anwar al-Aulaqi in Yemen in September 2011, the Administration has not provided much information regarding it’s drone use programs and policies. This lack of information was reportedly one of the factors that lead to Senator Rand Paul’s thirteen-hour filibuster of President Obama’s nomination to head the CIA. Even though the Senator did not succeed in blocking the nomination or in breaking the record for the longest filibuster, he did succeed in bringing the Administration’s lack of cooperation to the main stage.

For the full story check out Micah Zenko’s blog post “Rand Paul’s Filibuster and Targeted Killings” and the Washington Post’s Opinion Piece “More oversight and disclosure on drones.

For detailed coverage of Rand Paul’s filibuster including the transcript, commentary, and some colorful graphics check out Lawfareblog.

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